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Improvisation Research
sense of memory and time passing begins with the first move

Movement improvisation is a form of research, of way of setting up movement and time events in a structure that faciliates in-the-moment decision making while dancing solo, duet or in a group.

A strategy of when, where and how to move is dependent upon the structure of the event (If + Then events) and likewise the structure opens an array of possibilities for responsiveness. My research in this area includes collaboration with musicians and other artistis often using computer-based methods in the during the process and in performance to increase the expressive potential between dancer and other elements in the space. Improvisation research aims to refine consciousness of perception and responsiveness in situated actions. It is a way of engaging imagination and cultivating a "thinking on your feet" kind of approach to performing.

Interactive Performance is when dancers' actions influence sound, video or other aspects of a live performance through the use of computers and sensors and toward this process, one must begin by developing skill in improvisation.