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point of departure then through the wall

Perspective is based on the concept of breaking through the wall of "usual seeing", the begining of recycling, rethinking the current state, and that age and gender are significant to how one perceives the world. The physical positioning of a chair in the center of the stage served as a point of departure to begin each new cycle in the dance. Near the end of the dance, I bring an infant baby from the audience on to the stage, an act representing the continuous rebirth of thought. Sitting together on the chair and looking out to the audience, the audience sees infant and adult, eahc looking in a different way; hinting that perception is often valued more for its age/the person than the act of seeing.

See the performance web album for more images and details about this project.

Performed as a solo in 1999 at Oldenburg University in Germany, the Barbican Center in London, England and at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in Holland.The music was composed by Yusuke Iwasaki.