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Lisa Naugle

Photo credit: Frank Peters

Lisa Naugle, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Dance in the Dance Department of the School of the Arts at the University of California, Irvine. She holds a Ph.D and MFA in dance from New York University. Lisa was a recent guest artist at the Guangdong Performing Arts Academy in China, with the Romanian State Theatre Ballet Company in Constanta, Romania and at the Banff Center in Canada. She is the recipient of the Cecil and Ida Green Honors Professor's Award, 2000. Lisa was a member of the Nancy Hauser Dance Company and has performed with several dance companies in the United States and Canada. Her background as a dancer includes work with Hanya Holm, Alwin Nikolais, Merce Cunningham, and Eric Hawkins. Her current research and creative activity centers on computer-based applications for dance including motion capture, Internet-based performance, and interactive technology. Lisa's telematic performance works, The Cassandra Project, Janus/Ghost Stories and Songs of Sorrow, Songs of Hope integrate dance, music and interactive video (Reverse Patterns) in distributed performances linking different geographical locations across the United States and Canada. Dancing in the Active Space, The AVA Project and Stunt Dummies involve motion capture animation with live dancers influencing sound and video. Her choreogrpahy with videodance projects, inviTRIO, and Ascension was presented in the Dance and the Camera Festival in New York City. Bird of Passage was presented in Korea, Italy and New York. Other recent work includes, Invisible Cities and NightDriving Portal, Split and Invisible Walls, exploring the integration of processed digital video, live video capture and dance performance. She has performed and choreographed in London, Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Canada, as well as throughout the USA.

This site represents a meeting place for my creative work, which includes performance and research components. Much like a theatre space or a classroom where people come together to participate or discover something, I inscribe this digital media as a way of carving out a space, thematically indexing when, where and how dance and computer technology meet and inform each other in my work.

Here you will find a collection of dance images, schematic drawings of performance environments, short statements I have written about choreography as it relates to computer-based technology, collaboration with national and international artists, and the various roles I undertake to gain a deeper understanding of the connections between human-computer interaction and live performance.

With these materials, I hope to inspire and make a bridge to help viewers understand how choreography can live at the center of an emerging paradigm between computer-based technology, performing and visual arts, and how experimentation and structured improvisation are in service of these cultural practices.

On this site are web albums containing samples of the work I have been doing over the past 10 years, including performances with both improvised and composed aspects. The chronology page lists the web albums by date.

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