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Active Space Research - Buhl Studio

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In 1995-96, Active Space research and workshops were conducted at Buhl Studios in New York City. Dancers, actors and musicians auditioned for the workshop which resulted in a public demonstration of this performer-controlled environment. Structured improvisations were developed and mapped to regions of the performance space where different qualities of movement would be "seen" by video tracking hardware (VNS) and MAX interactive software. The choreography / interaction design was developed into an evening-length performance titled, Elemental Interactions and presented at the American Opera Project at 463 Broome Street in New York City on October 8, 1995. This Active Space Workshop was part of the 1st Annual CYBER-Soho Arts Festival in New York City during the Fall of 1995.

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Dancers: Barbara Bryan, Halle Markle and Lisa Naugle. Photo copyright © 1995 Naugle & Crawford