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Active Space Research - Computed Art

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In 1991, I became interested in using computers in performance and since then my work has focused mainly on the application of technology in live performance. In these photos, I am working with Louis-Phillipe Demers (interactive lighting) and Grant Gregson (interactive music) and MAX programming to enable interactivity for project presented at the Computed Art Intensive, a summer program for artists and technologists held at Simon Fraser University in 1993.

An an artist, I feel it is my responsibility to make use of the latest technology in making art. I find that musicians understand this point of view very well, because they have used advanced technology for hundreds of years. In its' time, the piano forte was advanced technology when it was invented. Today the advanced technology is computer technology. Thus I work very closely not only with dancers but also with musicians, computer programmers and new media artists in the creation of work.

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