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Voyages of Aeneas: Choga

Machine Meeting Its Reflection

Voyages of Aeneas: Choga is the creation of a group of musicians, dancers and media artists from New York, California, Canada, Italy and Poland. In this production, through music, dance, masks, digital imagery and experimental music theater, we present our rendition of the mythical travels of Aeneas, extending his/her search for a new home. The production connects Aeneas and Choga (a dwelling, a home, a safe haven in a world of chaos)… a place to discover… or rediscover and orient one's self to an emerging new world. The Aeneas Project, which our group initiated in 2000, explores the meaning of Aeneas as a universal, multicultural, multi-religion and multi-racial figure.

See the Bari Performance web album, Krakow Performance web album or the rehearsal web album for images and details about this project.