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Voyages of Aeneas: Choga - Rehearsal

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Rehearsal shots from Bari, Italy and Krakow, Poland. In Italy we had one day to load in and set up the music and projection equipment, teach the dancers their parts and do the performance. The performance took place in a 13th-century church and this was the first time a multimedia performance took place in Bari.

In Krakow, we had two days for set up, rehearse and do the conert. Most of the artistic and technical decisions were made through online discussions prior to leaving the United States. I made final decisions about the choreography after arriving in Krakow, seeing the performance space and meeting the other performers. In some of the images below dancers are reading the choreograhy and music scores, only a few hours prior to the performance.

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bari-rehearsal-01.jpg (81 K) bari-rehearsal-02.jpg (94 K) bari-rehearsal-03.jpg (88 K) bari-rehearsal-04.jpg (92 K) bari-rehearsal-05.jpg (74 K)
bari-rehearsal-07.jpg (86 K) bari-rehearsal-08.jpg (62 K) bari-rehearsal-09.jpg (54 K) bari-rehearsal-10.jpg (66 K) bari-rehearsal-13.jpg (86 K)
bari-rehearsal-14.jpg (91 K) krakow-rehearsal-01.jpg (57 K) krakow-rehearsal-02.jpg (82 K) krakow-rehearsal-03.jpg (68 K) krakow-rehearsal-04.jpg (75 K)
krakow-rehearsal-05.jpg (67 K) krakow-rehearsal-06.jpg (93 K) krakow-rehearsal-09.jpg (69 K) krakow-rehearsal-10.jpg (72 K) krakow-rehearsal-11.jpg (58 K)
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