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Budapest Selections

following the flute

Budapest Selections refers to four dances ranging from 6 - 8 minutes each that I performed in March, 2000. The music instruments were primarily flute, electronic sound, piano and voice. I formulated "four requirement"s as a method to approach each composition. The four requirements were: 1) following flute sound on horizontal , 2) following piano on depth, upstage to downstage, 3) gestures establish theme downstage low, and 4) space-hold gestures against the wall as transitions to any of the other three "requirements".

The dances are: Antar Recollections (Saidah Rastam, composer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Orpheus Reconsidered, (Greg Bowers, composer) Other Tongues, (Ron Mazurek, composer), In Search of Eurydice (Dinu Ghezzo composer).

See the performance web album for images and details about this project.