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Cassandra Project

linking with history while turning toward events yet to happen


Cassandra is an evolving multimedia work that has involved highly structured improvisations in music and dance , from 1996-2002, including Internet collaborations. Initiated in 1996 in cooperation with colleagues in New York, Vancouver and Europe, the Cassandra Project has brought together musicians, dancers, actors, painters, poets, video/web artists and and software designers exploring the presence of Cassandra Past, Present, and Future.

Cassandra is simultaneously ancient and modern, a figure in metamorphosis. Cassandra continues to grow, to change, and yet she remains anchored to the past. She forges a link with history and mythology and turns our gaze toward events yet to happen. Looking backward we also look within ourselves, for the past is our spiritual DNA...the substance of our existence. Cassandra seems to be the essence of time, both timeless and racing ahead of the curvature of time and space. Cassandra looks within herself and within humanity to discover the embryo of the cosmos and the fabric of the future.

The Cassandra 1997 web album contains more on the origins of the project, and the Cassandra 2000 web album describes further developments incorporating more advanced digital technology.