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Cassandra 2000

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Travels with Cassandra took place at the University of Oldenberg, Germany on March 11 and in Krakow Poland on March 17, 2000.

While in Germany and Poland I choreographed and performed Travels with Cassandra, a fifty-five minute work including dance, music and video. Processed dance imagery which was projected in the performance space and manipulated in real time in response to the live performers. This processed imagery was developed from choreography created prior to the tour (original choreography developed on dancers Anna Kaiser, Tim Wilson and Maya Elbaum at UC, Irvine before image processing). Jennifer Brown, a UCI undergraduate at the time, joined me on the tour and performed in Travels with Cassandra. Two actors and one ballet dancer from Krakow Poland joined our ensemble two days before the performance. Approximately half of the finished piece was structured improvisation, meaning that at times the dance was improvised and at other times the music or video manipulation was improvised. These images were taken with digital video camera during rehearsal/workshop sessions while exploring ways to synchronize and find counterpoint between projected imagery, live performers and music. Also see the Cassandra 1997 web album.

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American dancer, Jennifer Brown with two Polish actors rehearsing  (46 K) Rehearsing with Polish dancer "Eyes of Cassandra" (31 K) Experiments with abstract imagery.  Abstraction taken from live dance. Screen choreography and live dance by Lisa Naugle (53 K) Experiments with projection and live dance.  Imagery originally from live dancers. (51 K) Experiments with projection and live dance in Krakow, Poland.  Choreography by Lisa Naugle, dancer Jennifer Brown. Video of live dance taken by Lisa Naugle, abstraction byJohn Crawford.  (62 K)
Rehearsing with Jennifer Brown in Krakow Poland, March 2000. (48 K) Rehearsal in Krakow Poland, 2000.  (46 K) Real-time image capture during rehearsal.  Lisa Naugle with hand-held camera (not seen). Jennifer Brown, dancer.  Poland, 2000. (37 K)
Copyright 2000 © Lisa Naugle and John Crawford