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Lisa Naugle - Choreographer

My work as a choreographer includes live performance on traditional and non-traditional stages, choreography for videodance and animation projects, and choreography for telematic performance. Between 1998 and 2002 I presented 57 new dance works, (22 of which were created within in 2002). Twenty-five of the 57 works were multimedia performances using digital video, sensors or motion capture technology and 14 were commissioned. My choreography was presented in six states (California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona and Iowa) and in ten other countries (Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Germany, Romania, Korea, Holland, England, China and Canada).

Also see my work as a dancer.

Live Choreographer refers to work that is created for live dance to be performed in a theatre, outdoor space, or installation. My process often involves improvisation methods to perform myself or for other performers. Some examples:

New York Concert (2002) commissioned work from six composers developed over an intensive three-day period.

Alert inspired by observations of animals; paws sticking out in prey.

Lady in Waiting dedicated to those looking for significant person; someone with you all the time, but not physically present.

Looking Back (2003)

NightDriving (2003)

Invisible Cities (2004)

Active Space: Interactive Videodance (2004)

Choreography for Video/Animation - dance that is created for projection or developed through the use of technology - such as recording a dance through the use of motion capture system, digital video or sensing devices to be integrated with live performance.

Invisible Walls commissioned work with interactive sound and computer animation.

Virtual Therapy a satirical comment on media as surrogate therapist.

AVA Project developed in collaboration with five female artists, use of motion capture technology and resulted in a interactive performance with virtual a virtual dancing partner.

Split commissioned work as the recipient of the Ida and Cecil Green Honors Professor Award (2000) at Texas Christian University, Department of Ballet and Modern Dance.

Ascension (videodance) (2003)

Bird of Passage (videodance) (2003)

Looking Back (2003)

NightDriving (2003)

Invisible Cities (2004)



Choreographer for Telematic Performance - involves the use of video with live performance and is simultaneously presented at two or more remote locations. Recent work includes "distributed choreography" through Internet 2.

Reverse Patterns Link to technical diagram of performance in 2002.

Voyage of Aeneas: Fixed Not (2002)

Songs of Sorrow, Songs of Hope commemorating the September 11, 2001 tragedy, conducted in real-time in New York and California.

Janus/Ghost Stories served as a model for further explorations in structuring "distributed choreography".

Cassandra Project an evolving multimedia work since 1997, including Internet collaborations.