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Lisa Naugle - Performance Chronology

This chronology provides links to a web albums showing samples of my performance work as choreographer and dancer from 1991 to the present. Also see Artistic Bio

Ascension (videodance, 2004)

Bird of Passage (videodance, 2004)

Bamboo Mourning (2003)

Voyage of Aeneas: Tracian Stories (2003)

Flight (videodance, 2003)

Stunt Dummies (2003)

Spring (2004)

Active Space: Interactive Videodance (2004)

Invisible Cities (2004)

Looking Back (2003)

Improvisations on tour in Italy:(Trip in the Rainbow, Reflections, Story N. 6, Borders, Making the Rainbow, Narrazione 2, Alba.

NightDriving (2003)

Reverse Patterns (2003)

Voyage of Aeneas: Fixed Knot (Internet 2 Performance, 2002)

New York Concert (2002)
Irony of Change
Same Port, Different Time
Shannon Rose
AVA Project (2002)
Performance Images
Animation Stills
Voyages of Aeneas: Choga (2002)
Bari Performance
Krakow Performance
Stone Lion (2002)
Performance Images
Songs of Sorrow, Songs of Hope (2001)
Performance Images
Animation Stills
Budapest Selections (2001)
Performance Images
Portal (2001)
Performance Images
Animation Stills
Blue Screen Shoot
Invisible Walls (2001)
Performance Images
Animation Stills
Split (2000)
Performance Images
Janus/Ghost Stories (1999)
Performance Images
Animation Stills
Virtual Therapy? (1999)
Performance Images
Animation Stills
Colorcatcher (1999)
Performance Images
Cassandra (1996-2002)
Cassandra 1997 Performance Images
Cassandra 2000 Performance Images
Bird of Passage (1999)
Performance Images
Lady in Waiting (1999)
Performance Images
Early Work
New York Concerts (1991 - 1995)
Sixteen Pools (1994)
Boundaries (1992)
Ever After (1992)