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Lisa Naugle - Dancer

My work as a dancer stems from modern dance training New York City. In the past four years, I have performed 22 of my own works as a soloist, nationally and internationally to original music that was also performed live. This work has been presented in Berlin and Oldenburg, Germany; Krakow, Poland; Rome, Florence, Trani, and Bari Italy; Timisoara and Arad, Romania; Budapest, Hungary; Amsterdam, Holland; London, England; Vancouver, Canada and six states within the USA.

My approach to solo performance is improvisation based and often inspired by original music compositions. My work is increasingly collaborative in that many dances over the past four year have been part of evening-length multimedia events that include video and interactive technology.

Also see my work as a choreographer.

Modern Dance Performer in theatres and some non-traditional settings:

Bird of Passage a transient, one who is here today and gone tomorrow.

Stone Lion performed at the BKA Theatre, a cabaret-style setting in Berlin, Germany.

Cassandra is simultaneously ancient and modern, a figure in metamorphosis.

Budapest Selections the first time that American modern dance was presented at the Museum of Music History of the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Perspective breaking through the wall of "usual seeing", and begriming to rethink the current state.

EverAfter early work as member of Second Avenue Dance Company, NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Interactive Performer

Colorcatcher is a dancer whose actions influence sound when Big Eye recognizes color in regions of space.

AVA Project is an animated figure, an archetype, an avatar who began with motion capture technology.

Sixteen Pools of light influenced by the dancers' presence and activity in space.