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Janus/Ghost Stories - Animation

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Screen images of dancer Lauar James. Choreographed, captured on digital video, and then the image processing technique called edge detection was used to create an abstract representation of Laura. With image processing, the computer looks for differences between one color and another color and then keeps the outline of the form. This process of looking for the difference between the edge of one thing and other is similar to what we do with motion tracking. Image processing done by John Crawford.

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lara-fire1.jpg (59 K) lara-fire2.jpg (52 K) lara-fire3.jpg (39 K) lara-fire4.jpg (44 K)
lara-fire5.jpg (42 K) lara-fire6.jpg (59 K) lara-fire7.jpg (50 K) lara-ice1.jpg (89 K)
lara-ice2.jpg (38 K) lara-ice3.jpg (74 K) lara-light1.jpg (42 K) lara-light2.jpg (54 K)
lara-light3.jpg (44 K) lara-light4.jpg (47 K) lara-light5.jpg (54 K) lara-light6.jpg (34 K)
Image Copyright © 1999 Lisa Naugle & John Crawford