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Janus/Ghost Stories - Performance

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These stills are from the video documentation of the performance simultaneous at Arizona State University and University of California, Irvine in 1999. . Janus/Ghost Stories was choreographed in three sections: Dreaming, Confusion and Escaping. Outlines and particles were used in different ways in each section to represent energy breaking away from the body. In the second section, Confusion, flashes of white, red, yellow and purple outlines, indicating the strength of past experience or memory, follow the curves of Lara’s body. Lara’s live and recorded body push through an indistinguishable environment. Escaping, is a collection of events/memories represented by various colors leaving traces. As Lara reaches out trails of colorful lines escape in all directions and in multiple colors, leaving a sense of vibrancy, and immensity of light passing through space.

Dancer, Lara James interacting with with projected video imagery.

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