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Motion Capture Research - Mychele

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The markers: four on the head, four on the hips, two on the front of the torso, three on the back, one on the shoulder, elbow, writs and so on, along with the subsequent cloud of dots visualized on the screen provides the foundation to create a 3D model. After the sequences of movement are captured, a digital model (which may or may not be an exact representation of the person) is created.

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Harley.jpg (95 K) Head-t10.jpg (84 K) Metatarsal1.jpg (53 K) MetatarsalClose.jpg (43 K) Mychele.jpg (47 K)
Offset1.jpg (61 K) Offset2.jpg (64 K) Offset3.jpg (53 K) Reviewing-Capture1.jpg (89 K)
Reviewing-Capture2.jpg (78 K) Reviewing-Dance.jpg (102 K) Technique-Technology.jpg (76 K) Tracking-Capture.jpg (100 K)
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