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During the motion capture process, we record movement in space and time. The dancer wears sensors, the camera sees these points which are then obtained by the software model. These images are from various projects where improvisation was recorded using motion capture technology. Paul Kaiser, Shelley Eshkar and Michael Girard are seen here working of Pedestrian Project at UCI as Chancellors Distinguished Fellows in March 2000.

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Sheet for matching joint center with marker and on what axis.  We used this process for every capture in 1998.  Newer technology has made this part of the process no longer necessary.   (68 K) Calculating the distance from joint center to placement of the marker.  In 1998 marker placement was a time-consuming process. (56 K) Naugle wearing gloves with two reflective markers on each hand, identified as wrist a (inside) and wrist b (outside). (28 K) Adjusting markers on a subject for Pedestrian Project (2000). (29 K) Paul Kaiser adjusting head markers on subject for Pedestrian Project (2000). (60 K)
Computer Programmer, Michael Girard showing dance steps to ballet student from the Irvine Community.   Motivating the talent before recording.  (63 K) Jennifer spinning while motion capture system is recording.  (34 K) Jennifer's spin movement  is captured. (50 K) Parent and student with Paul Kaiser discussing her movement that was just captured and now inside the computer.   (43 K) Michael Girard (right), Paul Kaiser (center), Shelley Eshkar (left) and Lisa Naugle (standing).  Public forum discussing the work done for Pedestrian Project at UCI Motion Capture Studio, April, 2000. (50 K)
Experiments for Dancing in the Active Space (2002).  Fragment from Twin section. (65 K) Example  fom  Dancing in the Active Space (2002).  (13 K) Another example of experiments done for Dancing in the Active Space (2002). (40 K) Experiments with two different motion capture phrases.   (26 K) A still moment from motion capture sequence; Dancing in the Active Space (2002). (54 K)
Another shot from motion flow scrips developed for Dancing in the Active Space (2002). (44 K) From "Swim" motion flow script; Dancing in the Active Space (2002). (18 K) Close up of wireframe model used for Dancing in the Active Space (2002). (71 K) Example of motion flow script;   time shifting on a movement phrase  (10 K)
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