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Portal - Performance

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Portal was presented at University of California, Irvine in February 2001. These shots were taken from backstage during rehearsal. For full stage view, see Performance Selections 2000-2001 videotape. Also see the Animations and Blue Screen Shoot web albums.

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portal_anna1.jpg (60 K) portal_bang1.jpg (43 K) portal_bang2.jpg (64 K) portal_begin1.jpg (38 K)
portal_christine.jpg (29 K) portal_crossing1.jpg (45 K) portal_crossing2.jpg (52 K) portal_crossing3.jpg (55 K) portal_duet.jpg (45 K)
portal_groupend1.jpg (70 K) portal_groupend2.jpg (32 K) portal_jump1.jpg (66 K) portal_jump2.jpg (46 K) portal_prestorm.jpg (51 K)
portal_storm1.jpg (41 K) portal_storm2.jpg (44 K) portal_storm5.jpg (64 K)
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