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Songs of Sorrow - Performance

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One of the visual threads running through the NYU-UCI Internet 2 performance was "The Machine Meeting Its Reflection". The phrase, "the machine meeting its reflection" is about the recurring image of the airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center...its reflection in the windows...the plane seeing / meeting its own reflection...and more than this...it refers to the reflection of technology, the disaster and the power of technology bouncing back on us and effecting us. The accompanying video to the performance, consisted of of short animation sequences that originated with video clips of the dancers taken in rehearsal. Computer graphics techniques transformed these clips, creating imagistic animations where the movement of the dancers intertwines with shifting shapes and colors abstracted from a series of national flags. There are 88 flags, symbolizing the 88 countries that lost citizens in the September 11 tragedy. The image processing includes a technique called "displacement mapping" where a dancer becomes the force field that distorts the flag; the warping and twisting is based on the dancer's movement.

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