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Invisible Walls - Animation

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"The use of digital imagery technology has resulted in the addition of a new type of shot to the grammar of video/film. This is the "processing shot," which results from the application of digital techniques to create moving picture material that may or may not be derived from camera and editing shots. The resulting imagery enables the evolution of a new visual aesthetic of flow and transformation, which can be closely related to the spatial and temporal continuum of dance. Projecting this imagery as part of a dance piece opens up new possibilities for integrating moving images with performance." (See Paper #6: Theatrical Use of Digital Image Processing in Dance Performance)

The images here originated from my choreography that was recorded on a Sony PC 1 digital video camera in a blue screen room. Also see the performance web album and the Active Space technical diagram.

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cold_01.jpg (33 K) cold_31nat.jpg (41 K) cold_32nat.jpg (31 K) cold_33nat.jpg (46 K) cold_34nat1.jpg (41 K)
cold_36nat.jpg (29 K) cold_36nat1.jpg (26 K) echo_02ac.jpg (18 K) echo_28mel.jpg (19 K) echo_29mel.jpg (19 K)
echo_32nat1.jpg (24 K) echo_33nat1.jpg (26 K) echo_33nat3.jpg (36 K) echo_35nat1.jpg (17 K) echo_36nat1.jpg (15 K)
heat_01ac.jpg (32 K) heat_02ac.jpg (48 K) heat_03ac.jpg (55 K) heat_05ann1.jpg (38 K) heat_09chr1.jpg (29 K)
heat_09chr2.jpg (28 K) heat_13sc1.jpg (53 K) skel_09chr1.jpg (24 K) skel_13sc1.jpg (53 K) skel_21car1.jpg (29 K)
skel_21car2.jpg (40 K) skel_21car3.jpg (39 K) skel_21car4.jpg (35 K) skel_23car1.jpg (43 K) skel_25mel.jpg (45 K)
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