Applying To The Undergraduate Program in Dance




UCI Undergraduate Application Period:

November 1st - November 30th




Late submissions will not be accepted

To apply for admission to the UCI Dance Department, first visit the UCI Admissions website for complete details on application procedures and fees.  You must apply online to the University of California by November 30th.

In addition to submitting your application to the UC Admissions Office, you must submit a video audition no later than January 4, 2021.  Once your UC application is submitted, dance applicants will receive information on the video audition submission and other important information through the admission portal.


All applicants MUST submit their UC application in order to receive the link to upload the video audition. After completing your UC application, you will receive a link (with password) to a video of 3 combinations (ballet, modern and jazz) that you will need to learn and record yourself performing. The link will be sent to you by 11:59pm, December 20th. You will have 2 weeks to learn and create a video of yourself performing all three combinations. You must submit the complete video through the admissions portal (Slate) by 11:59pm (PST), January 4, 2021. This video is required for all prospective dance majors. Late submissions will not be accepted.

When recording your video please be sure to:

  • Find yourself an adequate and safe space to dance. Approximately 5 square feet of floor space is ideal, with a surface neither too rough nor too slippery.
  • Wear proper dance attire and appropriate shoes for your space
  • Have a well-lit space, with lighting from the front so we can see you
  • Record yourself from finger tips to toes, so we can see your entire body
  • You must do all combinations (ballet, modern, jazz)
  • Music will be provided so a quiet surrounding is best.


  • Women: black leotard, full-length pink/flesh tights (no skirts or shorts
  • Men: close-fitting T-shirt, full-length tights, dance belt
  • Hair: neat and out of the face (pinned up for ballet portion)
  • Shoes – if possible: (wear what is appropriate and safe for your space)

                            Ballet: ballet slippers

                            Modern: barefoot

                            Jazz: soft soled jazz shoes



Parent/Student Information Session/Webinar:

Welcome and Overview of the Dance Department and Claire Trevor School of the Arts

This is a presentation with a question and answer session led by Molly Lynch, Dance Department Chair, and Amy Kim, Director of Student Affairs for the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. It will also include a couple of current dance majors to respond to questions about student life in the department and university.

January 13, 2021 at TBD via Zoom webinar

Registration link will be provided during the month of November


All inquiries  must be directed to


Incoming Freshmen Students

As well as satisfying University of California subject requirements for undergraduate admission (consult the UCI General Catalogue for details), applicants to the Dance department must demonstrate technical accomplishment and creative promise to succeed in the major. You are encouraged to develop abilities in one or more dance techniques such as ballet, modern, jazz and ethnic dance forms. The department holds annual entrance auditions for potential freshmen during winter quarter prior to acceptance to the Dance Department in the ensuing fall quarter. Additionally, placement examinations are required of all entering dance majors. Placement examinations are given during Welcome Week in fall quarter and determines which levels of ballet, modern, and jazz classes the student will take.

See the  UCI General Catalogue curriculum details.

Transfer Students

Ideal lower-division preparation for transfer consists of coursework that blends University of California admission requirements, degree requirements of the school and major of your choice, and the general education plan best suited to your interests and goals. Design your schedule to accomplish the following:

1. Satisfy general University of California requirements for admission as a transfer student. You may find more information on the University of California Transfer website.

2. Work toward completing your general education requirements. For students majoring in Dance, it is useful to complete your general education courses prior to transfer by way of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) if you are transferring from a California community college. Completion of general education courses will allow you to focus on the courses required for your major once you transfer here.

3. Work toward meeting the lower-division requirements of your school and major. If you plan to transfer to UCI in your junior year to major in Dance, we recommend that you take the courses listed below prior to transfer:

  • An approved one-year sequence in English composition
  • Basic training in ballet, jazz, and modern dance technique

4. If courses in the following areas are available at your college, completing them will afford you additional strong preparation for the Dance major at UCI:

  • One course in music for dancers
  • One course in injury prevention
  • One course in Improvisation and Introduction to Choreography
  • One year of Dance History

5. All transfer students must attend the entrance audition in the winter prior to acceptance to the Dance major in the ensuing fall quarter. After admission, transfer students must also participate in the placement auditions during welcome week in the fall. This placement level will determine the minimum number of years it will take to complete departmental requirements for the Dance major.

6. To ensure that you are taking the appropriate courses to facilitate your transfer to the UCI Dance Department, work closely with your college counselor, or contact the UCI Office of Admissions.


Photo by Rose Eichenbaum