Mary Corey mecorey@uci.edu Professor of Dance
Dance Notation and Reconstruction, Dance History
John Crawford john.crawford@uci.edu Professor of Dance & Media Arts
Director, UCI Dance Film Festival, Director, Digital Arts Minor
Diane Diefenderfer dldiefen@uci.edu Professor of Teaching, PMA, C.P.T.
Ballet, Pointe, Repertory, Pilates
Jennifer Fisher jjfisher@uci.edu Professor of Dance
Critical Dance Studies, Ballet as Culture, Dance Ethnography, Ethnography, Relationship of Dance to Gender, Race, and Identity
Lindsay Gilmour Lgilmour@uci.edu Assistant Professor
Modern Dance, Choreography, Improvisation
Charlotte Griffin charlotg@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Dance
Modern Dance
Chad Michael Hall chall1@uci.edu Associate Professor of Dance
Modern Dance, Improvisation
Ariyan Johnson ariyanj@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Dance
Hip Hop, Jazz
Loretta Livingston llivings@uci.edu Professor of Dance
Choreography, Laban Movement Analysis, Graduate Seminar in Movement Analysis , TA Advisor , Co-Advisor for the BFA in Choreography
Lar Lubovitch llubovit@uci.edu UCI Distinguished Professor
Vitor Luiz vluiz@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Dance
Molly Lynch mlynch@uci.edu Professor and Department Chair of Dance
Ballet, Repertory, Arts Management
Lisa Naugle lnaugle@uci.edu Professor
Modern Dance, Choreography, Improvisation, Dance and Digital Technology, Motion Capture, Pedagogy
Cyrian Reed cyrianr@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Dance
Hip Hop, Jazz
Kelli Sharp ksharp@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Dance Science
Alan Terricciano aterricc@uci.edu Professor of Dance
Musical Resources, Music for Dancers, Dance Accompaniment, Composition, Multimedia Arts
Tong Wang wangt5@uci.edu Associate Professor of Dance
Ballet, Men's Ballet, Partnering
Dr. S. Ama Wray wrays@uci.edu Associate Professor of Dance
Jazz Dance, Improvisation, Choreography