Dr. S. Ama Wray is Making New Global Strides

Dr. S. Ama Wray

In May 2019, Associate Professor of Dance at UC Irvine, Dr. Ama Wray, was invited to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Good-Global Summit at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. This Summit aims to amalgamate the work of both scientific and artistic innovators in hopes of utilizing AI in viable ways that support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Deemed an interdisciplinary ‘performance architect’, Wray specializes in Embodiology® – a development in dance improvisation, prompting the audience to key into body-mind sensations which affirm that intelligence is obtained through intersensory stimulation of the body. In 2018, Wray was awarded the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts Fellowship, which prompted the creation of Texterritory, an award-winning, interactive performance --- utilizing cell phones --- that she collaborated on with Fleeta Siegel. Upon her return from Geneva, Wray traveled to Cleveland, Ohio where she gave the closing keynote address at the 2019 Dance/USA Conference discussing her interdisciplinary work in Embodiology®.

Posted Date: 
July 17, 2019