The NEW U features dancers Sergio Camacho and Sophia Vangelato

The New University profiles dancers Sergio Camacho and Sophia Vangelatos and what they have faced during the pandemic regarding dance.


"Camacho, who is studying styles such as modern and ballet, is a third year philosophy and dance major at Claire Trevor School of the Arts. Like many of us, Camacho is finding ways to adapt to the unique remote learning environment at home. Having a studio space available at home was one of the determining factors for Camacho staying home rather than returning to his on-campus residency...

In addition to Camacho’s work amidst the pandemic, CTSA has many other student dancers that have been moving and grooving through this pandemic. Meet Sophia Vangelatos, a senior studying dance performance, dance choreography, and business economics. 

In early March, when the pandemic first hit, Vangelatos was incredibly determined to remain inspired and continue the projects she was already working on. With a whirlwind of thoughts and questions about future piece creations, her senior thesis and her choreography track, she focused on keeping her spirits high and staying optimistic for the future and her senior year. However, as the weeks passed, Vangelatos felt her inspiration disappearing."