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Students at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts explore the human experience through a variety of creative avenues by using skills as classically trained fine artists, but also through emerging technology and media. Students from all four departments have access to a range of media that allows them to reshape how art is created and experienced. We asked a few students who are utilizing these tools and spaces to share with us.

For this article, we interviewed Jehbreal Jackson from the Department of Dance.

Jehbreal Jackson

Department of Dance
M.F.A. in Dance, William J. Gillespie Ballet Scholar
Anticipated graduation, Spring 2020

Career Goals: "I want to create original story ballets for the film medium that are beneficial and healing. I hope to encourage emotional well-being of all of those that experience my work."

The most exciting project Jehbreal Jackson has ever created in his career is his M.F.A. thesis project, a feature film titled CANON. “The film really allows me to combine all of the skills and loves that I’ve accumulated through my life and put them into one place,” says Jackson. CANON is an original story ballet that Jackson wrote, choreographed, directed, shot (when he wasn’t acting), sang, and danced in. “It required and integrated every aspect of myself!” The project reflects course work taught by the dance department faculty in Screendance, an overview of dance for film and choreography for the camera. As part of his practice, Jackson utilizes the motion capture dance studio extensively for scenes that were meant to be in surreal environments. The space is entirely green, including the Marley dance floors, to achieve special effects for the film. Overall, he makes sure to take advantage of the technology available in dance.

Why is CTSA a good fit for you?
"The level of artistry and scholarship on this campus is astonishing! As my work is interdisciplinary, I love how seamlessly I can float between the departments. As a part of my thesis, I study Shakespeare for my research to write narrative ballets. There is a Shakespeare Center on campus, which is like heaven for me. From the incredible dance faculty, talented dance students and technology explicitly made for dance to the amazing drama faculty, actors and Shakespearean scholars – I have found the perfect place in which to feed my creativity and produce art."

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January 12, 2020