UCI Dance Undergraduate Program

As a student in the UCI Dance Department you will be part of the outstanding legacy and potential that define our program. In 1965 our founding chair Eugene Loring, with a dedicated group of dance artists and scholars, had the vision to create a professionally oriented university dance program that has since achieved national and international recognition.

Today, the life of the UCI Dance Department includes the research and preservation of dance history, the exploration of choreography in the present, and the cutting edge technology of the future. We have an exceptional commitment to dynamic and progressive education. Our beautiful location in Southern California inspires the highest ideals in art and dance making.

Throughout our programs there is a strong focus on the techniques of ballet, modern, jazz, tap, world dance, and dance and technology. Theoretical studies include dance history, theory, and ethnography; Laban studies; dance pedagogy; dance science; and aesthetics of digital media. Creative opportunities bridge the studio and theoretical work through performance and choreography; creative applications of animation, motion capture, audio and video technologies; lecture demonstration; and critical, historical, ethnographic, and scientific writing.


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