William Gillespie Performance Studios

Heart of Dance 2018

Heart of Dance

Hosted by UCI Distinguished Professor Lar Lubovitch and Professor Lisa Naugle


November 1, 8, 15, 2018
5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Performance Studio 1100


Three spectacular LA- Based dance companies, three Thursdays in November.

ILLUMINATIONS: Cultural Resonance in Contemporary Bodies

Cultural Resonance in Contemporary Bodies


A New Dance Festival at UCI

October 14 - 16, 2018


Join us to experience innovative dance performances by three leading Asian American female choreographers who experiment with classical and modern forms of diverse cultural traditions. The festival explores new narratives regarding culture, difference, and social justice through the art form of embodied performances.


(re)Source, an In-Progress Investigation by MBDance

Post-performance discussion and Q&A.


Guest Artist Series: Jody Sperling

Guest Artist Series

Jody Sperling

Residency September 27 - 28, 2016



Tuesday, September 27 

Dance Composition class
Dance History class
(CLOSED SESSIONS) Open to UCI Dance students only

Wednesday, September 28

Masterclass - dance technique inspired by modern dance pioneer Loïe Fuller
Lecture Presentation - In the Arctic
(CLOSED SESSIONS) Open to UCI Dance students only